our services and fees

At Icon Law, we work alongside some of the world’s leading Private Equity houses, including The Carlyle Group and Onex, and bold, progressive law firms such as Avonhurst. We assess fees on every matter we work with you on, identifying how the effort we will expend together creates and delivers value. For us, it’s about flexibility and creating true alignment with your needs. To this end, our fees can take the form of time-based billing, fixed project fees, retainers and discounted fixed fees, success fees and annual fees paid quarterly where appropriate. In fact, we’re convinced that that’s the way all advisory firms should operate.

We recognise that you want to see real value-for-money on day-to-day tasks and shared rewards on the mission-critical maters. That’s where we can really make a difference. Ours is a business that is designed without the legacy of the usual fixed billable hour and we adapt to your needs, motivated by the long-term development of our relationship with you and your team.

During our initial discussions with you, we will get under the skin of your commercial needs and objectives, then co-create a project scope, plan of action and clearly define costs, all underpinned by a ‘no suprises’ ideology. You can also count on us getting up to speed fast with the issues at hand if we’re brought into a pre-existing matter. That’s where our agility really helps. Ultimately, we aim to build long-term, collaborative partnerships with our clients, and our services and fees reflect that ambition.

what sets us apart

What makes us the destination for the leading Private Equity houses?

  • // Knowledge that they have the best team on their side
  • // User-friendliness, unique market knowledge and an empathy around their key issues
  • // Accessibility is paramount, any time night and day
  • // Transparency in all dealings
  • // Value for money, in terms of costs for service delivery

How do we support the world’s leading law firms?

  • // Collaborative partners with practices AND their clients. Our client-facing skills are just as impressive and dependable as our technical prowess.
  • // Seamless, plug-and-play access to experts whenever and wherever they need them
  • // Real sector insight and influence
  • // Ideally cost-certainty, but certainly transparent pricing, when it comes to matters
  • // Alignment with their legal project management standards and protocols
  • // A platform for effective communication throughout the whole process
law needs to be more adaptive to the needs of private equity; here, we’re built solely with those needs in mind.

Stephen Brown // Founder

our model

For the new working world // Born in 2021, we’re blessed with a thoroughly modern outlook: open, transparent and forward-facing. Above all, our niche in law is fundamentally about people, so it’s important for us to understand the needs of individuals by being relatable and engaging.

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