who are we?

Welcome to Icon Law // We want to be the destination advisory practice for executive employment and management equity and incentives. We deliver the industry’s most experienced specialists to serve your needs better than anyone else.

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what’s our persepctive?

law needs to be more adaptive to the needs of private equity; here, we’re built solely with those needs in mind.

Stephen Brown // Founder

our model

For the new working world // Born in 2021, we’re blessed with a thoroughly modern outlook: open, transparent and forward-facing. Above all, our niche in law is fundamentally about people, so it’s important for us to understand the needs of individuals by being relatable and engaging.

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our clients

Clients at the heart // We work alongside the world’s leading Private Equity houses and law firms, thinking and acting in a truly client-centric way, always.

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We assess fees on every matter we work with you on, identifying how the effort we will expend together creates and delivers value. For us, it's about flexibility and creating true alignment with your needs.

what’s different?

Leading the change // We think that the business of law needs to move on. Unlike some of our more institutional peers, we’re not bogged down by arcane processes or needless administration, so we can act quickly and decisively. This fresh approach extends to the way we charge. Transparent pricing and aligned incentives with absolutely no compromises on quality.

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our mission

Strength through focus // We want to develop a new standard in the market; one where niche expertise can be applied right when and where clients need it the most.

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